We are a specialised commercial loan aggregator with a next generation fintech inspired backbone and online loan facilitation platform. We provide lending and matching solutions across the first, second and third tier market.

At Acumen you can speak directly with the lender who is providing the funds. You can also check or verified transaction history with our external lawyers and previous borrowers to ensure the legitimacy of our offer. Fast , Reliable Commercial Finance

Acumen Finance was formed out of necessity to give businesses access to unbiased and flexible business banking services.
Nathan DalyManaging Director, Acumen Finance

The Three Tiers

Information about banking tiers

Tier 1 - Banks & APRA Entities

For the first tier being banks and the APRA entities, our clients get smart access to the bank through proxy of the right person.

This means not getting stuck in a portfolio that doesn’t want you, or having a banker to  busy to return your calls. Unlike a mortgage broker who might take an application and take it off to the lender to process we do the work that a bank officer will do for a bank credit committee in our office. This includes the financial modelling to demonstrate the best loan structure, all the credit checks and we write up to obtain the commercial loan.

We then strategically handpick a banker from an institution of mutual comfort with at least more than 10 years experience and consistent steady employment in the banks.

Yes we ask the hard questions and pick apart the bankers on how much they understand?

Do they just tick boxes or are they pragmatic and commercial enough to handle your needs?

Don’t find out they are not up-to standard the hard stressful expensive way !!

Tier 2 - ASIC Regulated Entities

For the second tier lenders being ASIC regulated entities, we understand the liquidity and work the licensed companies and their risk appetite, intelligently matching loans to obtain the best commercial rates.

Most importantly we know who settles and only connect with the best of breed operators.

Tier 3 - Unregulated Private Lending Market

For the third tier being the unregulated private lending market, we give our clients, absolute flexibility with any and all private funding requirements that fall outside the ‘mainstream’ lending.

Our network of ultra high net worth investors spans the globe and we know the liquidity and risk appetite for the Australian market.

Many borrowers have been frustrated by this segment of the industry whereby there is a lack of transparency and a long chain middle men.

You are dealing with only people who have actively funded / settled deals not just consider them for earning a fee.  Since 2003 this has been our core competency.

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